Announcing the HL7 FHIR Product Blog

This is the HL7 FHIR Product Blog. It’s used by the FHIR Product Director to make announcements about key events of interest to the FHIR community. These events may include:

  • Balloting and Publishing Plans for the FHIR specification, or for key implementation guides of general interest to the FHIR community
  • Meetings and Connectathons of general interest to the community. Note that HL7 WGM (Working Group Meetings) won’t be announced – you can see their details on the HL7 website
  • Information about the FHIR Foundation and other significant implementation community organizations as it becomes available

The FHIR Product blog will stay focused, and will not carry content related to the details of the ongoing development of the FHIR specification, reference implementations, or implementation communities. If you want information about those things: